Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Media Spotlight on Tapes From California Memoir

The past month leading up to the impending holidays has been busy with book promotion and lining up interviews and a few in-store events for the first part of 2018. 
   Within the past weeks, Tapes from California has been on the receiving end of love and attention from some fine local news stations and publications. Late November, Inside Halton anchor and videographer, Kristin Demeny filmed an interview with me which will be available to watch online soon.
   The Hamilton Spectator's Go Section editor, Aviva Boxer, selected the memoir to be included under Hamilton Writes as one of six recommended novels to add to the holiday reading list.
   Additionally, esteemed editor John Best at The Bay Observer highlighted the book in its monthly Arts & Culture section. Both pieces are available in print and in the online editions. 
   The Burlington Post included a feature piece in its online edition last week written by reporter Kathy Yanchus, and plans a print story later this week.
   Looking to the year ahead, plans for three local book signings and TV appearances are in the works, for January, February, and March with more to come. 
To receive recognition and support from local media and friends after 4 1/2 years of tedious work and countless rewrites feels unbelievably good.
I can't thank everybody enough.  ❣

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